Our 2nd Annual Filipino Dinner

July 10, 2018

Culture and Society

This past Sunday, July 8, 2018, some fellow Filipinos in my neighborhood and I mounted our second dinner serving authentic food from the Philippines.

This dinner was hosted by my friend Bashi and took place in his adorable home. We all started to arrive after 1:00 PM and began cooking our dishes soon thereafter. Dinner was served on time by 6:00 PM.

Here are the details of our menu:

Kare Kare: Oxtail in a peanut stew and served with optional Bagoong sauce.

Sinigang: Pork loin and neckbones in a sour/savory, tamarind-based soup with long beans and various greens

Pork Adobo: Pork in a sweet and savory sauce

Siopao: Pork wrapped inside fluffy steamed dumplings

Laing: a creamy and spicy stew  with pork, taro leaves, coconut milk, ginger, chili, and shrimp

Dinuguan: Pork loin sauteed in pigs blood

Chicken Inasal: BBQ chicken marinated overnight in a combination of lemongrass, soy sauce, ginger, Sprite soda, and various other seasonings.

Pancit: Noodles with chunks of chicken thighs, onions, garlic, carrots, soy sauce, and saturated in chicken broth.

(Vegetarian versions of Pancit, Sinigang, and Siopao were also made.)

Later on in the night, we also fixed a tradition Filipino dessert called Hallo Hallo. It was glorious.

We had between 30 and 40 people come out to eat.

Someone also grabbed some bamboo sticks, and I taught folks how to do Tinikling and Singkil.

Special thanks to my friends Bashi, Kubbi, Julian, Kat, and Brin for cooking up these amazing dishes!!

I cannot wait until we do this again!



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