Living a Life of Curiosity

November 11, 2018


Sometimes, I find myself asking the darnedest questions, such as .  .  .

Why in the world did I go back to college?

Why in tarnation did I decide to major in video and film production when I already have a strong set of writing and musical skills to build upon?

Why in the world did I leave a cute apartment in a great location in Nashville to live in a cold hollow in the middle of the Tennessee woods?


Well generally, there are no simple answers to these queries, but they all point to one word.


I have always been an incredibly curious person. This is the reason and circumstance behind why and how I became an active musician and pianist. Originally, I did not know that I could develop my skills to the extent that I have. One night, I was sitting in my apartment writing a poem, as one does, and the thought occurred to me that this particular poem would sound great as a song. So, I dusted off my old keyboard synthesizer, and with the poem written on a sheet of paper in front of me, I started fiddling around with a melody.

About an hour later, I had the basic musical framework of a song. Each step along this process was lead by the words “What if .  .  .” 

What if I tried this chord?

What if I added a line to the end of each verse?

What if I sustained this note or that vocal phrase?

Each “What if” led to another one. This flowing stream of curiosity led me to discover skills that I never used in tandem. I integrated my singing experience (of having sung harmonies in numerous church choirs growing up), my writing ability (that involved a love of writing poems, short stories, and essays), and my musical ability of being able to remember anything that I play and to play by ear. Fast forward to many years later, and I have enjoyed the life of an active musician. There is a certain satisfaction in trying out a new skill only to find out that you can actually be good at it, but you never know until you try.

What if there is something more I want to learn?

What if I find opportunities I never knew existed?

What if I found true love?

In my life, pursuing my curiosity has meant having the willingness to take a chance at an opportunity even if you are uncertain about the outcome. It has also meant having the willingness to be vulnerable.


I will not stop being curious any time soon. Here are some of the more recent darnedest questions I’ve asked myself lately .  .  .

What if I directed a documentary about a topic I feel strongly about?

What if I stopped being so meek and started to speak out much more?

What if I dared to pursue some of my biggest dreams and ideas?

Cultivating your curiosity allows you to cultivate a sense of possibility.

Every accomplishment in life had to start somewhere, right?

What are you curious about?


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