Hello and Welcome!!

Here is my official art store where original Gordon Roque art, prints, and vintage items will be sold.  New products will be added every week and all proceeds will go towards the recording of my next full album of music!!

In addition to making music, I have always been a visual artist.  Whether it’s been through pencil sketches, stippling, photography, knitting, or my recent video projects, the need to create textures and express ideas within a visual context is a constant craving for me.

Now, through TSOG, I get to share my visual ideas in a way that will support my musical ones.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of Tropical Shade of Green, you, my wonderful guests, can name your price on selected items that will be up for sale through the summer of 2014.

That’s right, you will get to decide how much you want to pay for the art of your choice.  Since each purchase here at TSOG will really be a donation, you will essentially donate whatever you want for each item.  A suggested retail price will be available as a reference, but, the customer/donor, get to decide.  Every cent will go towards my next album.  So go ahead, shop away!!

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