Observations of Light, Part 2

January 30, 2019

Culture and Society

Date of Observance: August 31, 2018
Time of Day: 4:15 PM
Location: Front Deck of Home in Liberty, TN
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy with Patches of Blue

 Up in the sky, there is a huge grayish-white cloud that is slowly meandering north and only small patches of blue surrounding it. I look around me for the sun, but I cannot find it. I suspect that it is hidden behind the small mountain behind us. The light everywhere is diffused. There are no distinct shadows to be seen. As I sit on my front deck, the typically well-defined shadow that my two-story house casts on the ground is nowhere to be found.

The colors everywhere also seem to be a bit muted. The green trees in the tall hills around my house look darker and duller than usual. The flowers in our garden and in the potted plants on our deck do not look as vibrant as they usually are. We have flowers in all kinds of colors this time of year in various shades of reds, yellows, purples, and burgundy, but they do not pop out like they usually do right now.

I look up in the sky again to see that the big grayish-white cloud has moved further north and has allowed a little more blue to be seen overhead. I notice that more sunlight has hit the ground. The yellow flowers in particular have gained back some of their natural shine. In the distance, I can suddenly see two yellow butterflies fluttering side by side among small trees along our driveway. It is surprising that I did not notice their delicate dance before. The other colors in our garden have not changed that much, but the yellow is clearly more luminous now.

Overhead, other smaller clouds along with patches of blue take center stage above my home. The colors and the light around me change very little as everything else stays calm and still. The air feels dry, and it is neither hot nor cold as I face this quiet and tempered wilderness.

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