img167mediumimg167mediumimg167_500pximg167mediumimg167mediumPrisons were created for us deconstruct and break out of.

-Gordon Roqué

Gordon Roqué is a musician, poet, and visual artist based in Nashville, TN.  As a singer and pianist, he has written, performed  his own original music.  His debut album Seahorses was released in 2008, and he is currently preparing his next full-length release.

As a visual artist, Roqué works in various mediums to express ideas that are often whimsical and connect strongly with his personal sensibilities and passions in life.  His art often references animals and wildlife that exist in the natural world and transcend any sense of confinement.  In fact, breaking free of confinement, whether self-imposed or otherwise, continues to be a prevailing theme in his work.

Tropical Shade of Green is the official art store of Gordon Roqué.  It is his own platform from which to express his visual ideas and share them with the world.

Come on in and stay a while.

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