I Enjoy Slow and Meandering Mornings

September 28, 2020

Culture and Society

My mornings have become my favorite part of the day. The air is still. The light outside is softer. A hushed silence echoes everywhere. I open my eyes early and lie in bed for a little while to let myself gently wake up. It’s often early enough that I can see morning light slowly climb into my bedroom windows. It is a muted iridescence that I have come to love seeing.

When I finally do get up, I drink my morning coffee and quietly get ready for my morning walk. My coffee is not sweetened but is doused in cream. Its earthy and dense flavor adds a new layer to my awakening—saturating my insides with its warmth and vigor. With the cooler weather now upon us, I put on a couple of layers along with my sneakers and socks. These days, I like to wear softer fabrics that drape over my body instead of cling to it. I wear a large, wide-brimmed hat to give me shade from the impending brightness of the morning sun.

If my cat Steinway is nearby, I take a minute to give him a good thorough petting. He starts to purr when I do this, and this sound soothes me in return. This exchange between us is an integral part of my day.

Finally, there is something magical about stepping outside of my front door and into the growing morning light. It feels every bit like the entryway into the bigger and more expansive world that it is. Light reflects off of the morning dew that has drenched the grass and trees everywhere. A subtle breeze brushes across my face as I walk down the hill from my house. Colors burst forth from the flowers in our garden as I pass them by. There is nothing like a flower fresh and alive in its morning bloom.

If I am still feeling groggy and tired, the fresh air outside does a lot to make me feel better. I often carry my coffee or a jug of water with me on my walk, and the hydration helps to wake me up further.

The sounds of birds conversing and the way that sunlight seeps through a thick canopy of trees is mesmerizing. The multi-sensory experience I have during my morning walk fills me with gratitude and moments of deep reflection.

I walk back and forth along my driveway for just over an hour. This amounts to around 3 miles. I walk at a casual and unhurried pace. I take time to notice the plants and trees around me and the gorgeous limestones at my feet. Sometimes, the clouds above will part to reveal its vibrant blue hues. This creates such a dramatic backdrop to the rich green splendor surrounding me. I stand still and take a moment to soak this in.

At the end of my morning walk, the day’s activities and obligations commence. I move forward refreshed and ready to take on the remains of the day.

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