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    Solitude Is My Friend

    The experience of solitude gets a bad rap. Perhaps it is because it bears the same first few letters as the term "solitary confinement", or maybe most people simply equate it with loneliness. Either way, we impose limitations upon this term by only thinking of it in those ways.

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    How To Clean Out Your Garage in One Day.

    Recently, I spent most of one Sunday helping friends of mine clear out their garage. For over three years since moving into their house, they used it as a dumping ground for old supplies from previous jobs, packaging for new appliances, boxes of books, childhood keepsakes, household supplies, bags of…

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    Surround Yourself with Nature

    Over the years, I have come across several people who enjoyed being outside and surrounded by nature. Whether this involved hiking through hills and mountains, lying on a towel on a beach, taking a walk in a park, having a picnic or barbeque in a backyard, or just sitting on…