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Random Thoughts In my Head

August 25, 2019

Culture and Society

This week, I thought I would share with you, dear reader, some of the random thoughts that pop up in my head. I have an inquisitive mind, and questions of all sorts often bounce around my brain. Over the last few days, I made a point to notate such queries for the purpose of sharing them here.

Without further ado, my bullet points are at the ready:

Random Thought #1:

Why are there 50 states in the United States of America? That is a sizable number of semi-independent, largely self-governing entities!

50!!! Seriously?

Doesn’t that mean that we have 50 governors, 50 sets of state legislatures, 50 state capitals, 50 stars on the US flag, and 50 SETS OF EVERYTHING? It seems a bit much. Does it not? How much money, work, and time goes into the upkeep of 50 SETS OF EVERYTHING? The words “exhorbitant”, “redundant”, and “excessive” come to mind. One can argue that Canada is at least as large as American but, as such, has managed to exist without the need of 50 SETS OF EVERYTHING.

So then, why couldn’t North Dakota and South Dakota just be “DAKOTA”? Maybe North Carolina and South Carolina can just be “CAROLINA”? How about Virginia and West Virginia? We could combine Rhode Island and New Jersey into the fabulous state of Jersey Island (or Rhosey Jewland?). For that matter, the singular football team the New England Patriots is sufficient enough to represent several northeastern states. In that case, couldn’t we just lump all of them together? What if we combined several states so that they had an average size equal to California or Texas? Wouldn’t that possibly level the playing field? Or make our elections simpler? This could justify making over the troublesome electoral college framework once and for all!

Also, what if we decreased the existence of 50 SETS OF EVERYTHING to the manageable and more reasonable number of 25? Imagine how much money we would save? Imagine the need for fewer politicians!

People say that America is the land of excess. Certainly, it is.

Random Thought #2

It is unfortunate that here in America it is not socially acceptable for men to wear skirts. Given that the male anatomy has a lot more going on below the belt, it seems more fitting that the clothing should be more spacious and accommodating down there. Going full commando could be AMAZING!

This resembles the difference between merely staying in a small and cramped motel or flourishing in a top floor penthouse suite that is light, bright, and airy! Conversely, it seems quite appropriate that women can wear pants. That suits their anatomy just fine. Go figure.

Random Thought #3

I wish that the cars we drove were more like golf carts than the actual cars we use. They don’t cost nearly as much to manufacture, and because they can only go so fast, they would be safer to drive.

Seriously, do we really need the ability to drive 50 to 100 miles per hour? On the freeway, there are led-footed drivers who endanger EVERYONE by driving well beyond the posted speed limits.

They seem to require less energy to operate and would have a much smaller environmental impact. We could take trains and airplanes for greater distances, but to toodle around town for daily use, these little guys could work just fine.

Also, they’re kind of adorable.

Random Though #4

The Sun is over a million times the size of the Earth. At the current rate and on a planet that size, how long would it take to fly on a standard airplane even just halfway around its circumference?

I can’t even.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m a little weird, and I am perfectly happy with that.

What random thoughts meander across your mind?